Chunky Twix cookies

There are a few sites I frequent everyday: my e-mail, a handful of celebrity gossip sites, The Pioneer Woman and her Tasty Kitchen site.  Tasty Kitchen is a recipe website where anyone can add their recipes and anyone can comment and rate the posted recipes.  I love checking it everyday to see if anything catches my eye (or should I say stomach?!).

Well, about a month ago I came across a recipe for Chunky Twix cookies.  I have been meaning to bake them since I found them but just got around to it this afternoon.  Jon and I both liked them (though I might prefer just plain old chocolate chip).  You definitely taste the caramel and mildly taste the chocolate.  I don’t taste the actual cookie part of the twix though.  The cookie dough was very good though 🙂

I actually ended up using the chocolate chip cookie recipe on the bag of Nestle’s chocolate chips, and just traded the chocolate chips for cut up twix bars.  I figured that I already knew I liked the cookie base, so if it wasn’t good it was the twix not the cookie.  You can find the actual Chunky Twix Cookies recipe (where I got my inspiration) on Tasty Kitchen.

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One Response to Chunky Twix cookies

  1. Hi! I’m glad you got to try my cookies:) The Twix cookies really do benefit from using the cookie base in the recipe, and keeping the Twix pieces chunky helps to maintain some of the Twix flavor:)

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