A whole new world

Within the last few months I have noticed that the world has become a little blurry.  Not all the time; just while driving at night, looking at signs that were lit-up and things far away.  Although I was a little nervous I was going blind the prospect of needing glasses was very exciting!  I have almost always wanted glasses (I remember wearing my sister’s old glasses around the house when I was little).

I finally went into the eye doctor last week and found out I did in fact need glasses!  A mild prescription…but glasses non-the-less!

After perusing the stock and trying on any pair of glasses I came across that had any shade of green on them I settled on these bad boys.  This is the Kate Spade (fancy!) Horn Green Elisabeth pair:

My newest accessory.  They are textured plastic and brown on the outside.

I love my flare…this four-eyes has lime green on the inside!

It is truly amazing how clear everything is now!  Not just things that are far away, but the tv, the computer and anything else in front of me.  It is like everything is in 3D…maybe because that is my most recent glasses experience.  I am still trying to get used to the view but hopefully I will be able to stop looking out of my glasses and then moving them to compare the glasses view to the non-glasses view soon!

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