Teen Mom 2

While I love pretty much all reality tv I really haven’t caught too many episodes of MTVs current lineup.  Jersey Shore doesn’t do it for me – the format is just too weird. Real World – well, we all know it’s not ‘real’ and that you will see the same exact thing every season.  I randomly caught episodes 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom and liked them but never became a loyal fan…and Jon always rolled his eyes when he caught me watching them.

Since I was home sick Monday and Tuesday and since there were a few episodes of 16 and Pregnant on (who doesn’t enjoy a good tv marathon?!) I tuned it.  They were showing the episodes of the girls featured in the spin-off, Teen Mom 2, which was set to premier Monday night.  Each 16 and Pregnant episode follows one future teen mom from pregnancy to about two to three months after their child is born.  It is so crazy to me to see these teens becoming mothers!  It doesn’t seem like any of the teens are ready for motherhood (who would be at 16?).  It is sad to watch their struggles in learning their new role; struggles to finish high school; struggles to pay bills; struggle in their relationships with their family, baby daddy and even their friends.

What can I say…I was hooked!  I started cheering for these little families.  So I tuned into the first episode of Teen Mom 2 later that night.

Teen Mom 2 follows four of the teens who appeared in the second season (or maybe third? fourth?) of 16 and Pregnant.   It seems like filming starts once the babies were 7 to 9 months old.  It is really sad to see that the season has started with the disintegration of most of the families; though most of the girls have grown in their role as Mom.  I am very intrigued to see what the rest of the season will show and hope to see these Moms succeed for their family.


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