Best of Nashville: Star Bagel

Yesterday morning we ventured out to Star Bagel in Sylvan Park since it is on our Nashville’s best to-do list.  Star Bagel was on the list for…you guessed it: bagels!

Star Bagel was larger than I was expecting (I figured it would be about the same size as their neighbor – Local Taco).  The service was quick and friendly.

Jon started his breakfast with a strawberry smoothie.  He thought the smoothie was very good.

I tried the Chilly Wonka which was similar to a mocha frappachino.  It was a little on the thick side due to the ice (I think).  I kept having to shake the cup in order to drink it.  It also needed a little more chocolate for my taste 🙂  But hey, they weren’t a fan favorite for drinks.

We each had the same thing to eat Santa Fe Breakfast bagel: your choice of bagel, turkey sausage and egg omelet (eggs with onions & peppers).  The bagel we both chose with the everything bagel.  The sandwich was good and filling.  Next time I might try just a bagel and cream cheese to get the real bagel flavor 🙂

The prices were about the same as a Panera, and if you can support a local place for the same price…why not?!

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