Arrington Vineyards

After work on Friday (and way after the traffic subsided) we headed to Arrington Vineyards with friends.  It was the perfect night to sit outside and enjoy the cool fresh air and drink a little wine.  The drive to Arrington is beautiful!  We didn’t get to enjoy the sights this visit though since it was already dark when we headed down there.  If it is your first time visiting Arrington definitely go while it is still light – the drive and views from the vineyard are wonderful.

Arrington does *free* wine tasting daily.  The raspberry wine is by far my favorite!!  After you have tasted a few wines you can then purchase a bottle to enjoy outside on the vineyard lawn.  They have picnic benches (I would still recommend that you bring your own chair) so bring some snacks and hangout awhile.  During the weekends the have ‘music in the vines’ which is a rotating list of live music.  It is a fun time and would be a great place to bring out of towners.

This pumpkin greeted us:

Here is a photo of the lodge where the wine tastings take place (did I mention the wine tastings are free???!!!)

They have had a few hatch show prints created

Close up

I love how cool these are.

We are planning to head back down to Arrington one of these days.  I will definitely have to bring my camera along for the ride!

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