Wedding album

Several months ago (or a year) I purchased a Groupon for A&I Books.  I purchased it planning to make my wedding album.  Well, I procrastinated and procrastinated and before I knew it the groupon was expiring today! 

I diligently went through the 1,000-ish professional wedding photos that we have the rights to.  A&I recommends (so glad they did too!) that you pull all the pictures for your album from the same computer album.  I went one step further…once I had all the photos I wanted in our wedding album in a separate iPhoto album I put them all in the order that I wanted them to be in the printed album.  So glad I did this too!  It made it a lot easier once I started putting the album together last night. 

The process of actually putting together the album was a little maddening!  Especially since I waited to the last-minute and knew that I had to finish it last night (hello college papers and studying!).  It took several pages before I really understood how to format the pages to look how I wanted them to look.  But again, having the photos in order really did help out a lot (I don’t think that you can sort photos once you upload them to the A& I software you download for the album). 

To any bride thinking about making her own album: it is time-consuming!!! It is not as easy as it looks.  It probably took me about five or six hours last night to put together and proof it (not including the time it took to go through all the photos and narrow them down, and then the time it took to put them in the order I wanted them in).

It takes about a week for A&I to print and mail out the album.  I will be sure to post pictures and a review of the album once we get it.  So excited to see the fruits of my labor!!!

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