Halloween Spooktacular

I am happy to report that my Mini Halloween Cheesecakes brought in second prize for the dessert competition at work!  I am just happy that my co-workers all liked them 🙂  If you like cheesecake and oreos you can find the recipe online here at Tasty Kitchen.  You could also use this recipe to make Mini Christmas Cheesecakes…or just plain old individual cheesecakes.

The potluck was a fun time!  We had a chili cook-off featuring four different chilis:

An appetizer cook-off featuring rotel, spinach and artichoke dip from Publix (it was so good!), sausage balls (YUMMY!!) and hot chicken wings

And of course the dessert cook-off featuring yours truly’s mini halloween cheesecakes, strawberry cupcakes, kitty litter, sugar cookies and flan:

Who wants to eat kitty litter???!!  Google it please!!

As part of the Halloween potluck some of us dressed up.  Here is a group picture:

Yes, that would be me with the least creative Halloween costume if you live in Nashville.

And a pic of brains, fingers and eyeballs…ewww…

Happy Halloween!

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