Best of Nashville: Cajun Steamer

Tonight we headed to Cajun Steamer in Cool Springs for dinner and to cross something off of our Best of Nashville to-do list. Cajun Steamer was voted third best Cajun/Creole restaurant in Nashville.  I was not a huge fan of the food and wondered how many Cajun/Creole restaurants there are in Nashville.  Per Urban Spoon there are 13…which is not a lot to choose from.

Let’s start with the good stuff.  I liked the atmosphere of the place.  It seemed peppy similar to a sport’s bar.  We sat upstairs which was like a loft.  You could see the bar and the downstairs, it felt very open.  The restaurant is not huge but it is a good size. The service was good (although it was a little strange when our server asked if we ‘saved room for dessert’ while we were still clearly eating our dinners).

The not so good stuff: One of the other servers upstairs kept holding every drink she served by the top of the glass or the bottle – I think she needed Serving 101.  The food.  To be fair the food was not horrible.  It just wasn’t good enough to want to go back. We started with the fried pickles.  There was too much fried batter on them – the pickle to batter ratio just wasn’t right.  I tried Melvin’s blackened chicken which was Cajun blackened chicken on top of Cajun mashed potatoes with caramelized onions and bacon on top.  There was way to much bacon (which is crazy because I love bacon) and the bacon was undercooked.  I also didn’t care for the caramelized onions and there were a lot of those too.  It was a meal I would never order again.  Jon had the Blackened Alligator Po’ Boy.  He liked it but didn’t think it was the best he has ever had (not that he eats alligator often).  He found it a little salty.  We decided to try dessert even though we weren’t loving the food; but we were determined to maintain hope.  We shared the beignets…which were also disappointing.  They were a little over-fried.

All in all I was not impressed with the food at Cajun Steamer.  I am not sure if I am just not into that genre or if it was the restaurant.  We will have to see what happens at the other two Best of Nashville Cajun/Creole restaurants.


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