More Halloween preparations

My office is having a Halloween potluck tomorrow.  Well, I signed up for dessert and decided to try something new and Halloween-y.  I found the Mini Halloween cheesecake recipe on Tasty Kitchen which is Pioneer Woman’s recipe website that anyone can add recipes to.  I thought it would be perfect since it represents Halloween in color and is made as individual servings which makes it a little easier at a potluck.  Since we are also heading to a Halloween party this weekend I decided to double the recipe.  Somehow (still not sure why) I ended up with 24 mini cheesecakes per batch…not 15 like the recipes says.

First step was the print out the recipe.  Even though we have a laptop I hate going back and forth between the computer and the counter.

Cute Halloween cupcake liners.  Who doesn’t like tricks AND treats??!!

This is a picture of the finished product.

And I had to taste one before I fed it to anyone.  What serious chef doesn’t do that?!

I have gone over the recipe a few times now to see if I did anything wrong (as in measurements…) and I didn’t.  I think the cheesecakes are good but not the best dessert I have ever had.  Hopefully my co-workers like them!

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