Halloween preparation

Last night Jon and his little brother Sam got together at our house for some pumpkin carving.  Jon purchased a pumpkin at Kroger for $4…and it was huge!!!  He picked up a pumpkin carving kit at Target for $4 too.  The carving kit was a really great value for the money spent.  The book probably had about twenty different patterns and it ranked them from easy to difficult.  It also came with four carving utensils to make it easy.  What a cheap, fun way for them to spend time together!

Sam decided on a werewolf which was three out of four stars as far as difficulty goes.  They picked the flattest side of the pumpkin and taped the outline on the pumpkin.

After taping the outline to the pumpkin the next step was going along the outline with a cerated wheel that pokes holes in the pumpkin to make it easier when you cut it.

Next they cut off the top and dug out all of the pumpkin seeds to take to Sam’s Mom to cook.

Next they carved the pumpkin!

The finished product:

All lit up…aaaawwwwoooo

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