My new muse

So…we still have sweet Grace. SPA is on a ten day wait list so I think we might have her for a few more days.   If you are in or around the Nashville area and are interested in Grace you can see her listing on petfinder for information on how to adopt her or any of the other animals that SPA is currently caring for.

I love taking pictures of Grace (and Beau & Bella!!) because she is just so very sweet…and photogenic!  Here are a few pics for the night.

I feel like she is thinking: “why are you still pointing that thing at me?!’

Great dog bed made out of duck canvas from Bow Wow Beds on Etsy.  Duck canvas is super durable and bow wow beds was fantastic to work with and prices very reasonably – check out their etsy store!!  Beau and Bella have been kind enough to share theirs for the time being.

Sweet little sleepy dog…the bed is probably about four times her size

Her little ears are always perked up…even when she is asleep.

Look at that face!!!  Who wouldn’t want to see that every day??!!!

Side note: I think she is starting to somewhat get the hang of being in the crate.  She has not let out one single peep since we put her in there for bed about 45 minutes ago 🙂  Yay Grace!!!

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