Best of Nashville: Nuvo Burrito

Jon & I are continuing in our pursuit to try all of the Nashville Scene’s reader poll best of restaurants.  Yesterday we tried Nuvo Burrito in East Nashville.  Their best of was burritos so Jon and I each picked a different one to try. 

The service was quick and very friendly!  There was a group of three in front of us and we were all taking awhile to decide what we wanted.  One of the guys who was working was super helpful and took us through the menu and told us recommendations and explained that their quesadillas are grilled on flatbread (something to try on our next visit!).  Inside is very art-deco, with one wall having a blue suede bench for the length of the wall.

I started with a margarita since ‘they are becoming pretty famous’.  I thought it was just okay (Local Taco has my favorite!…but that is another Nashville best to blog about).  I think that the margarita was lacking a little sweetness for my personal taste.  They get an A+ for presentation though!  There was a fresh squeezed lime and sprig of fresh mint adoring the glass.

We shared a small serving of ‘GWACO’ which is guacamole to anyone who has not yet tried Nuvo Burrito.  It was fantastic!  They put garlic in their GWACO…anything with garlic is a friend of mine!  It really was outstanding and one of the best guacs I have ever tried!  The have really good tortilla chips too!  They are the perfect amount of crisp and they did not taste at all oily.

Jon tried the Gulf Coaster burrito.  It had Seasoned Gulf shrimp, Beans & Rice, Cilantro Pesto, Monterey Jack, Carmelized Vidalia Onion, & Bits of Bacon.  Jon loved it and it was enough to bring home half for dinner last night.

I tried the Berkeley: Veggie burrito with Artichoke Hearts, Sprouts, Black Beans, Monterey Jack, Cilantro Pesto, Spinach, Cumin-Corn Relish, Rice, Spinach Tortilla.  It was fantastic!  I also brought home the second half.

Next time we might consider splitting a burrito so we can get the GWACO again.  I would also like to try their quesadillas as those sounded good too!  Nuvo Burrito is also very fairly priced.

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