Sweet Grace

A lot can happen in just a few days!  Jon is a big brother with big brother big sister.  His little brother’s family somehow ended up with a pitbull mix puppy in the last few months.  When they hung out on Wednesday his little brother told Jon that he thinks their dog was in a dog fight.  On Thursday we got the okay from the dog’s owner to take her and get her help and told them that we would not be able to return her to them.  Their family had each been calling her a different name so we decided to name her Grace 🙂
On Friday I took her to the vet and he said that she is less than a year old and that she is probably a pit mixed with a jack russell or some type of small terrier.  She is a really sweet dog (I’m not just biased – everyone who has met her has said that!!), she just follows us around and wants attention.  We have let her play with Beau and Bella; she likes other dogs and just wants to play with them.  She has shown no aggression towards people or other dogs.  As she is still a puppy she has done a little nipping on our hands and with our dogs, but again it was nothing aggressive or threatening.  She is not house or crate trained (but we are trying!) so it has been a long few days.
She is so sweet we wish we could keep her but since we can’t we are going to take her to Safe Place for Animals (SPA) up in Gallatin as that is where we found Bella and Beau two years ago.  SPA is a great non-profit no kill shelter and we are hopeful Grace will find a good home soon…even though we will miss having her around

Here are some pictures of sweet little Grace

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