I don’t want no sister wife!

I am a HUGE tv addict…and my weakness is a little thing called ‘reality’ tv.  I love it…can’t get enough of it.  When I first saw commercials for TLC’s Sister Wives I didn’t know what to think…other then the fact that I had – HAD- to watch it.  Jon and I have been netflixing Big Love (a scripted tv show) and have watched every season that has come out on DVD but that is completely scripted and I believe it leans to the extreme polygamist/Mormon perception.

The concept of polygamy aka plural marriage is something that I really do not know much about.  I have not researched it, have not learned about it in school…all I ‘know’ is from news stories that I have read online or the news on TV…and it is usually really negative press (child marriage/abuse). 

Well, I watched every single episode of Sister Wives and have to say: I loved almost every minute!  The first episode is an hour (the rest are 30 minutes) and gives the background on each wife and her kids.  I appreciated them taking the time to do this, but it makes that first episode drag on a bit.  The rest of the episodes are great!  I truly enjoyed seeing how the wives interacted with each other, the husband they share, all the kids…and listening to all the discussions, feelings and emotions that the wives had regarding the addition of…a fourth wife.  Side opinion: Who would want more than one spouse?!

When we start every season of Big Love I always tell Jon…you know this will never happen…I will never share you with another wife!  I married Jon because I love to spend time with him, talk to him.  He is my best friend and the person I call first with exciting news, bad news…I don’t want to have to share him!  And I felt that way even more after watching Sister Wives.  The wives all have a great relationship with each other, enjoy time off from their husband (one night every four nights) and have really good and close relationships with their kids(which surprised me since there are 13 kids prior to his 4th marriage).   They all got married within a few years of each other and have not added a wife in 15 or 16 years; they have a great family flow.

What I enjoyed seeing the most were the feelings surrounding the courtship and addition of a fourth wife.  All the wives seemed to welcome the idea but had a lot of emotional issues because of it.  Should she get a night before the marriage?  Should they kiss before the marriage?  I was surprised to hear about the jealousy/emotions that the wives had, but it made them seem more real to me.  I am glad that the family decided to do this show and be honest about their lives together and really open up about their feelings.

I recommend that everyone draw their OWN conclusion and tune into the Sister Wives marathon tonight on TLC it starts at 6pm EST.  While I still would never enter into a plural marriage, Sister Wives shows a completely different side of polygamy.  I can almost guarantee that you will love it…or atleast not be able to change the channel.  I hope that they plan a second season so I can see how they have progressed in the feelings.

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