Shuckles corn maze

On Saturday, a little before dusk Jon and I headed to Shuckle’s corn maze in Gallatin.  I have been wanting to go to a corn maze since I moved to Nashville so when I saw a groupon for Shuckle’s a few weeks ago I was beyond excited!  A corn maze and good deal – I’m there.

It was pretty much what I expected.  A maze set up in the corn fields off of a small country road!  We walked around prior to entering the corn maze.  The had hay rides, music, a small pumpkin patch, a maze for kids (hay bales), corn hole and a corn-stalk tunnel.  I am sure it would be fun for families with kids…but it is fun for us adults too! 

It took us almost an hour to finish to the maze…and we came out the side we went in so I guess we did it wrong somehow.  I am glad we started it while it was still light outside.  Jon had his head lamp but it was much harder to figure what way to go in the dark!

The stalks ranged from about 6 1/2 to 8 feet tall.

Corn stalk tunnel

Better view of the corn stalk tunnel

We meant to buy a pumpkin from their pumpkin patch but forgot.  This photo of the sign will have to do.

Jon and a scarecrow

My favorite picture of the evening 🙂

With this one right behind it.  This was taken right before we left.  I love how the light gives the corn stalks an eery glow.

On Sunday we had our neighbors over for a fire in the back yard.  The fall weather was just perfect!  The fire was nice and relaxing too.  We even roasted marshmallows and made s’mores 🙂  What a wonderful way to end the weekend!

We put some beer bottles in a little metal tub with ice so that we wouldn’t have to keep going in the fridge to grab more beer.  Much to our surprise the ice started disappearing fast since Beau and Bella loved it.  They would stick their heads right in the tub and grab a little snack for themselves.

Here is a picture catching Beau in the act!

And his partner in crime Bella too

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