Banana Bread

We have been trying to eat more fresh fruit lately; its good for you and it’s tasty so why not?  We usually buy enough fruit to take a piece to work every day for a snack.  Well, we had two extra bananas over the weekend so I decided to try my hand at baking fresh banana bread.  I found a recipe titled ‘Quick Banana Bread’ on Tasty Kitchen and I figured any recipe with quick in the title was a good place to start!   You can find this recipe online here. 

The bread turned out very yummy!  It was just enough banana flavor using two bananas.  I  added 1 tablespoon cinnamon and 1/2 tablespoon nutmeg as I don’t like any nuts in my banana bread (and we didn’t have any chocolate chips).  I  had to bake my bread for about 20 extra minutes as the middle was still a little gooey when I checked on it with a toothpick at the hour baking mark.

Here is a pic of how it turned out:

On a sidenote: we added a new decoration to our kitchen wall!  My grandpa used to own a donut shop named Sno-White Donuts in Ohio.  My Mom had a Sno-White poster for all of us girls and I finally had mine framed.  I had a groupon for Beveled Edge so I took it in a few weeks ago.  The staff was super friendly and very helpful!  Since the posted is a bit retro and has color I knew I wanted a colored frame – not standard black or wooden.  I decided on a greenish / tealish wood frame and it looks magnificent! 🙂

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