Best of Nashville: Korea House

Jon and I decided to cross something off our ambitious Nashville’s best to-do list for dinner tonight.  We decided to start with a category completely new to us.  We decided on Korean and picked what has been voted #1 for the past five years: Korea House off Charlotte Ave.

Korea House is located in a strip mall and is one of those places that really doesn’t look like much from the outside…or on the inside save for the wooden pergola-ish structure that greets you inside the door.  There are only about 12 or 13 tables (I believe they were all four tops) so when we arrived about 7:45 on Saturday night there was a 15-20 minute wait.  There were only two servers (that we saw) for all of the tables.  They both helped out all the tables and were very friendly.

We started out with fried dumplings.  Don’t let the fact that there are 12 in a serving deter you.  They are about half the size of all other dumplings that I have tried, and were just the right amount for two people to split.  They were bubbly and a little crunchy on the outside, but moist, meaty and yummy on the inside.  The dumplings were perfect when dipped in just a little bit of soy sauce.

You receive eight sides with your meal.  I don’t remember what all of them were, but one of the servers patiently told us what each one was.  There was cucumber, fried zucchini, potatoes, dried anchovies and bean sprouts (to name a few).  All of the sides are served cool or room temperature.

I tried the beef bulgogi, which is thinly sliced beef with onions.  It was okay.  I found it very greasy and the beef a little fatty.  The beef was $13 and I thought for that price a less fatty cut should have been used. I ate about half but brought the rest home.  I drained some of the oil prior to packaging it up and I am hoping that I will be able to enjoy it a little more as a leftover.
Jon ordered the dolset bibimbap…and raved about it.  It is served in a hot stone bowl (which stayed warm the entire meal).  It is served with each vegetable (carrots, scallions, bean sprouts), rice and the meat separated with a fried egg on top.
The server instructed Jon to mix it all together to eat it…so it becomes similar to a fried rice.  Jon absolutely loved it!
I think we will both order dolset bibimbap at Korean restaurants in the future!  We are giving Korea House the thumbs up do to the delishish dumplings and Jon’s love of the dolset bibimbap.
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