Best of Nashville = challenge

Last week was the Nashville Scene’s ‘Best of’ issue.  This larger than usual issue includes all kinds of categories – food, drink, locations, services, etc- that readers and writers vote on.

I was super excited when I picked up my copy…I had a plan!!!  Jon and I would visit all – yes, ALL – of the restaurants on the ‘best of’ list.  That idea flew out the window when the best – yes, BEST – restaurant in two different counties was Cheddar’s.  I have eaten at Cheddar’s and it’s okay…but definitely not the best and it is a chain restaurant!  Obviously chain restaurants were allowed, but when I think the best of Nashville I want something that is local.  I don’t want a restaurant that I could go to no matter what city I was visiting or living in.

Our challenge, which we have chosen to accept is to visit the Nashville ‘best of’s….with a few caveats:

  1. We don’t have to visit any national chains (unless we want to!).
  2. We don’t have to visit categories that do not currently apply to us (examples: best bar to pick up someone , anything having to do with kids, best business lunch).
  3. If we have previously tried the best of a location we don’t have to re-visit it…unless we want to.  There won’t be too many of these though.
  4. We need to complete this challenge by the end of September 2011 – before next year’s best of issue comes out.  This might seem like a long time – until you see how many places there are to visit!  Which leads to the next caveat…
  5. Eateries that are listed in more than one category can be crossed off on the same visit…as long as we experience both ‘best of’s on the visit (best margarita & best cheese dip).
  6. We must document and share our findings with you 🙂

There are 63 categories, so including repeats that’s 189 places to try!

You can view the entire reader’s poll here:  Nashville Scene Best of: Reader’s Poll

Here are some of the Nashville Scene’s writers picks: Nashville Scene Best of: Writer’s Picks

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