Holy cake ball!

Recently I have been hearing/reading about cake balls everywhere.  So the next logical thing to do…was make a batch so that I could taste them for myself.  Man, were they good!  They were easy to make, just a little time-consuming.  All it takes is a cooked cake from the box, a tub of store-bought icing and a package of chocolate. 

Start out by making a cake.  I used boxed funfetti cause that’s how I roll…I love color!

Then after it has had time to COMPLETELY cool…shred it.  You’ll see that mine looks like stuffing.  I left it in the baking pan but you could also put it in a large mixing bowl.

Next spoon out the icing on the cake crumbles.  I used strawberry!

And mix/combine until they are one.

Next…create your balls.  Any size will do, but these are very rich so I made them about quarter sized.  Beware…your hands will get very messy!

Here is one pan of cake balls.  The recipe make about 45 balls.  You will want to put these in the freezer for at least an hour before adding the chocolate coating.  I left my in the fridge over night and then put them in the freezer for an hour and they turned out wonderful!

Now melt your chocolate.  I used semi-sweet and used the double boil method to melt the chocolate.  I am sure if you melted it in the microwave it would turn out just as good.

Now coat each cake ball with chocolate.  This was the hardest part for me…not getting too much chocolate on each one…which is why you see some bits of cake ball uncovered since I was running out of chocolate.

The end result: deliciousness 🙂

These taste like a buckeye ball or a bon-bon.  They have a soft center with a hard shell of chocolate around it.

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