Friday after work Jon and I headed to Atlanta for the weekend.  While there we got to spend more time with little Luke and he is just too cute!  He had fun watching the dogs (our two plus his one) play on the porch and spending time with his Uncle Jon.  We also got to visit Libby and Steven’s new house – we love it!  It is so beautiful and open and I think they will enjoy living in it for years!  We went to Atlanta to help Roby celebrate his first birthday complete with cake, ice cream, friends and a bouncy house!  It was another great party thrown by Fran and Colman!  Here are a few pictures from our trip.

The birthday boy.  He was much happier then he looks here!

Audrey showing off her ice cream tattoo (and me showing off some of Jon’s editing).  And showing off her jumping skills.

Luke loved to bounce, fall – and then crack up!

FraLiKa 🙂

We made it home nice and early yesterday so we were able to spend the day together.  Jon did some work around the house while I got a little sun in the backyard with a beer!  Afterwards we headed out to use a groupon!  We went to Mad Donna’s in East Nashville.  Since the weather was so nice out we were able to sit on their patio (I think they are dog friendly as there was a dog in the patio with it’s owner).  We really liked the food and will definitely head back again!

Tonight we did something that we haven’t done in a long time – we tried a new restaurant…withOUT a groupon!  Jon has been craving Thai food so we went to The Smiling Elephant.    It is a very small restaurant off of 8th S and we have probably driven past it a dozen times without noticing it.  The food was de-lic-ious!  The menu is small like the restaurant but I am sure everything was very flavorful (everything we tried was).  The service was great (which is important to us) and the decor is simple with a lot of wood.  We loved everything about The Smiling Elephant and will be going back again I am sure!

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