Sunday funday

After getting a late start this morning we headed to Chuy’s in Cool Springs for lunch with friends.  It was our first time there but we really enjoyed it!  The outside and inside are very vibrant colors and the inside has fun colored lights hanging from the ceiling which are both right up my alley.  I played it safe and ordered chicken tacos; they were great!  Jon tried the baja tacos which have shrimp in them – he tries to get seafood as much as possible when we go out since I am a horrible wife who never cooks seafood 🙂

Afterwards we headed out to see The Bounty Hunter.  I think we both went into it hoping it would be good but not really having super high expectations.  I will speak for the both of us: We loved it!  It was really cute and had what I thought was a good story line.  I can definitely see the on-screen chemistry between Jennifer Aniston and Gerald Butler!

Tonight we are relaxing and deciding what delivery to order since we don’t feel like going to Publix or cooking tonight.  Oh – and I am enjoying my new favorite drink: Woodchuck with a shot of cinnamon schnapps.  Brilliant!

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