Yesterday was a jam packed day!  We started the morning off with some yummy chocolate chip pancakes.  Then after some house cleaning we headed to Percy Werner Park for a new hike and some new views.  We ended up walking a two mile loop which too my surprise was not an ‘easy’ hike like Volunteer Trail…but a ‘moderate’ hike.  Thanks for the surprise, Jon.  Thankfully, it was only two miles.  Percy Werner was beautiful!  The trail was a bit muddy though.  I am not sure if the mud was due to rainy weather or if it’s always like that.  It did make the hike a little more difficult since I was trying not to fall.  Beau and Bella enjoyed running around though.

A stream through the park

After the park and a quick bite to eat we decided to go to Centennial Dog Park to let the dogs run off any excess energy.  Since it was a gorgeous day outside there were tons of new friends for them to make at the park.  And they were exhausted when we finally got home.  They are still exhausted today.  They slept in until about 7:30 and have been lazying around all morning. Both are unheard of with these two – it’s great!

Last night we headed to Midtown Wine & Spirits in downtown Nashville on Church Street.  The store has a cigar shop inside; it was kind of cool – it was like a very large closet sized humidor.   It was our first time at Midtown and Jon was delighted to find that they put together their own six pack samplers of beer.   I think he had fun sampling some of the nut brown ales that they put together and is already thinking about which sampler he will pick out next time.

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