Finally Friday!

Yay!  Friday is here and brought some cold – but, sunny – weather.  It makes me happy!  When we got home we headed to Centennial Dog Park with Beau and Bella.  We figured we would let them work out some energy running around with other dogs before walking some training laps at Centennial Park around the Parthenon.  It was a cold two laps since the sun was going down, but they are getting a little bit better about walking on the leash and not pulling.

This little guy was a cutie

Beau & Bella found a friend

My favorite action shot.  I love how you can see the fuzzy dogs hair moving and Bella’s skin scrunched up and the mulch flying

And the night is ending with a movie and some dessert.  We are going to watch our most recent Netflix: 500 Days of Summer and eat homemade blizzards!  Best Friday night date I can think of 🙂

Jon’s blizzard with a little bit of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, a homemade chocolate chip cookie, some tagalongs and marshmallow fluff. Be jealous:

There will definitely be some hiking tomorrow to work off a few of the calories.

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