Homemade sunshine

The cloudy, rainy, thinking yesterday was Thursday (making today: Friday – NOT!) has not made for a happy day today.  My day at work just seemed to drag on.  I am desperately hoping that weather.com is correct and that Nashville is in for some sunshine tomorrow and Saturday.

Since I needed a little homemade sunshine we used a groupon we have been trying to use forever.  It was for The Wine Loft in the Gulch. We live within a mile of the Gulch and it started POURING and HAILING on our (very short) way there.  I was ready to give up and get some takeout but Jon insisted we stay the course.  We waited the rain out for a few minutes before heading running in.  Thursdays at The Wine Loft are ‘La Femme Night’ which means $5 for some martinis and half off appetizers (they don’t tell you this, but it is only half off the appetizers that are $13 or less).  This is not our first time there…and everything we have tried is tasty!  Our favorites are the baked brie (it has a balsamic reduction on top of it that tastes like chocolate!), caprese salad (I love caprese salads and try them at most restaurants – and The Wine Loft’s is one of the best that I’ve had), both lamb plates and the pistolettes.

On another note: I think that Jon taught Bella how to shake tonight.  We’ll see if she still remembers tomorrow 🙂

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