Where to start?

I am not doing so good on my daily blogging (seems like I start every blog with that similar sentiment!).  Jon and I have been busy since my last post.  Hopefully I will be able to catch up and then start keeping up a little more regularly.

Jon returned from Telluride.  He had a great time and enjoyed snowboarding on some new slopes.  And he really loved the mansion they stayed in.

A view from the balcony.  I love that you can see the mountains and the town (bottom right)through clouds.  It looks like two pictures in one and I think that it is amazing!

The view on the drive into Telluride.

Last Friday night we decided to use a *groupon* (I hear angels sings when I think about groupons).  We went to Gabby’s Burgers & Fries in downtown Nashville.  Customer service is big to both of us…and Gabby’s customer service was superb!  The owner is working the cash register and the grill and still makes time for conversation with the customers.  Not to mention the food…I just ate dinner but I am getting hungry again just thinking about the burgers and fries.  The burger was cooked just perfectly and the fries (did I mention regular and sweet potato?!) are the homemade variety that my Mom used to make every now and then.  The only downfall for Jon was that they did not make milkshakes, but, I say stick with what you’re good at 🙂 Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures.

Saturday we got up for bootcamp day 1.  We loaded Beau and Bella in the car (which is the start of bootcamp since neither of them will jump in the dang thing) and headed to Volunteer Trail in Long Hunter State Park.  The weather was perfect and our 4.4 mile hike wasn’t too bad.

Checking out the ducks in the lake…willing them to swim just a little closer.

My handsome husband!

Saturday we used yet another *groupon* and ate ice cream (we both scream for ice cream in this household!) for dinner at Pied Piper in East Nashville.  We had been really excited about trying Pied Piper for a long time; and to be honest it did not live up to our expectations.  We thought that the ice cream was okay…but the service – horrible!  The lady (which I do not believe was the owner) was not friendly or helpful.  She took some of our initial excitement away and we are not sure we will go back.

On Sunday we went to see the new Matt Damon movie The Green Zone.  It was thought provoking and I won’t share all of mine here.  The action was good but not as good as the Bourne movies.

Hopefully we will have an eventful week to write about this week!

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