Back in the saddle

I haven’t been too good about blogging the past couple weeks…but not THAT much has happened…at least with me.

My sister in NC had her second beautiful baby boy at the beginning of March.  I was able to go visit and help out for a few days this week.  It was fun to see her family and get to bond a little with her older son Luke.  He is getting big and talking a lot and he is VERY busy.

A picture of Elliot Joel

A picture of Luke out on the front porch.  It looks like he is posing but really he is trying to get off the chair and end Aunt Katie’s photo shoot.

While I was in NC Jon took Beau and Bella for a hike on the Volunteer Trail at Long Hunter State Park.  He said it was a great loop so I am looking forward to trying it out next weekend.

When I returned home to Nashville on Wednesday Jon and I used a groupon for Amergio.  It was our first time there.  We tried the Cheese Fritters and man were they good.  They are similar to a cheese stick but they are round and the cheese inside isn’t as gooey.  I would definitely order them again.  I had the delicious goat cheese and penne pasta. The chicken on it was not very flavorful but the pasta had yummy goat cheese, tomatos, garlic and scallions.  I can’t wait to try and make it at home 🙂  Jon tried one of the specials which was steak.  It wasn’t bad…we have just had better in Nashville.

Jon is in Telluride for the weekend so I am using yet another groupon and getting a facial.  I hope it is nice and relaxing.  Then I am headed to my friend Amanda’s for a sleepover 🙂  Should be a nice weekend!

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